Personal Space

Personal Space

I snapped two Instagrams of my favorite pieces in my apartment:

The first image, has these great deco-inspired mirrored lamps, sitting on a mid century modern themed side table (that I made). Part of the silk screen that is peeking through at the top, is a Maud Morgan print that my old boss gave me. The small wood/mixed media piece is artwork I created, that can be found on my website( .And the candle holders are from ikea and they sit on top of a chunk of wood that I bought on Ebay from a lumber yard in Portland Oregon. The ‘Jeff Koons’ little gold dog, I saw in shop when I was in Paris last fall and I HAD to have it.

The second Instagram, is the fabulous queen chair (I like to call it). Its from my Auntie Elaine’s condo, where she had the most incredible taste and same with the ceramic japanese garden stool. The embroidered pillow is from my Mom (Momma Munro Shea herself). Oh, and the small ceramic sitting horse is from the one and only, Christmas Tree shop!

Every piece has a story, Nate Berkus would be so proud.


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