Artisan Shopping – Office

I love buying Etsy – one of the best vintage online markets out there for sure! I am still trying to find other online vintage resources – let me know if you got any!

This weekend, I cleaned out my ‘guest bedroom,’ that boyfriend has currently uses for work/his personal closet. I would like to convert the space into an office for the both of us, which got me day-dreamin’ about my dream office…



Beech Desk from Hardmandasein: $340

Bent Wood Chair from TradeMarkInteriors: $225

Vintage Mint Green Goose Neck Lamps from Oldlilliput: $30

Faux Fur Throw for Chair (Obvi) from FurAccents: $10

Art Deco Rug from ArborRoad: $160

Brass Office Supply Cylinders from CloudyFloral: $15

Vintage Pig Planter (Which everyone needs!)from Fruitflypie: $34

Totaling my day-dreamin’ office at $814 – not too shabby!


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