Brimfield… Part I

Brimfield (if you don’t know) is a magical flea market that happens in Western-eqsue Massachusetts. It lasts for about 4 days and it’s like the Woodstock of cool antiques and bric-a-brac.

My Mom (original Munro Shea) and I continued our tradition of listening to Michael Buble and stopping at McDonald’s before hitting up da’ field.

Once we parked our car, we grabbed our reusable plastic shopping bags – and there was no turning back! secondThere’s a little bit of everything … and then some at Brimfield! threeWhen you go – be prepared to do some hunting – through dirty ole’ bins, tents and tables. Here are some of the highlights – Below are all my favorite chairs that I saw – please note the mustard yellow-antler-and-horn chair, could there be anything more antler chic ; )

chairsBut I am seriously diggin’ those cowhide metal stools! In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I Die.” Next we move onto the light-highlights… pun intended. The vendor who created all the ‘upcycled’ ceiling lamps comes all the way from Texas!lamps

This colander hanging light was my favorite – it was also on sale for $45 ‘last day sale.’ Which is also another good reason for traveling to Brimfield on the last day.lamps_1Stay tuned for Brimfield Part II so I can show off all the loot I scored!


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