Brimfield Part II … The Loot

Finally, I am ready to reveal the Brimfield loot. After a day of rummaging through artifacts, these little treasures HAD to come home with me and my Mom agreed. We are dangerous shopping influences on each other. (Wait until my sister moves back home, then the shopping trifecta will be complete).

Drum roll please… TA DA!

treasuresLike I said in the last post, we were carrying reusable plastic bags so we couldn’t take anything too big, so these guys made the final cut!

First grab of the day was that graphic basket. It was in a pile of baskets that was the size of a small car.

basketNext was that white ceramic hand. I saw it, and immediately had to get it because one of my favorite designers has one.

photo-3artifacts_items(Ceramic hand now lives next to my artwork and the ceramic parisian Jeff Koons knock off)

Next was the metal cow skull cut from barn-sheet metal– which is the perfect mate for the longhorn I got last year from the same vender, a large Texan man with the best southern accent.ย And lastly were these two treasures, the horn candelabra and scotty dog etching.

horn_candlebruinAs you can see Bruin, was really into that dog etching and generally being on my table.



  1. I saw a ceramic hand in an antique store window and have been kicking myself ever since for not buying it. Love that basket!

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