Pillow Talk

The original Munro Shea lady, AKA my Mom, has passed on many things to me, including our common love and addiction for pillows. We just can’t get enough, love them. They belong on every spare surface in my home. (Especially because it becomes a perch for Bruin, see example below, Bruin at my parents house).

photo-8The best way to describe this story, are through some Grams,’ last summer when I first moved into my apartment with my j’adorable BF, I picked up a few things for my kitchen at the Christmas Tree Shop, when I noticed these really bright yellow pillows, they looked so cheerful and the price was right at $3 each!

photo-3So I brought them home to live with us. The bold yellow ikat pattern was really fun for the summer, but once winter rolled around they were looking pretty beat – especially since puppy paws had been prancing on them all season long.

It was perfect timing when my Mom brought me along to help her pick up some fabric for a valance in their bathroom. The Fabric Place Basement in Natick is the BEST place to get fabric around here, a lot of options. I love Joann’s but there is only so much paisley I can take in.

photo-4 photo-6They also organize everything by color, which makes it easier to compare tones. I was aiming for something to compliment the gray/blue tweed on my Karlstad Ikea couch. And then I spotted it – a neutral geometric pattern that stole my heart.



It was perfect!Β I took sewing lessons when I was younger, but have totally forgotten now (on the summer to do list) so I sewed the pillow cases by hand without putting in a zipper. I figured I am such a nut about pillows by the time I need to give them a good wash, I’d want something different! And obviously Bruin approves of the change-up as well.



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