Art Meets Interior

Two of my favorite things had a baby, art and interior design and the creator is Lori Larusso. Her work is amaZing, with a capitol ZING! I found Larusso on one of my favorite art blogs, the Jealous Curator. Check out Larusso’s cool work – acrylic paintings on shaped canvases. Her way of highlighting the negative space is really amazing.


As the Jealous Curator says, “They are acrylic paintings, but I might be tempted to call them sculptures. See some of those shadows? Yep, these are actually paintings on intricately cut panels {all around the 4′ mark}. Gorgeous! And besides the beautifully mundane domestic subject matter {which I am obsessed with!}, in perfectly chosen colors, I think what I love most is that fact that they’re a bit of a mind trick… by cutting the panels, Lori gives so much dimension to these totally flat, partially dissected spaces.”

Definitely check out the rest of the Jealous Curator’s blog posts – the work selected is really interesting, all different mediums. One of my favorite Stylist/Interior Designers, Emily Henderson has also teamed up with the Jealous Curator for the ‘Art Roundup.’ So it all comes back full circle!


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