Moving – A year Later

I officially have been living in my fabulous apartment for a year now with my two roommates, my cute BF and my cute dog, Bruin. I was SOO excited about moving, mostly because I could decorate the entire apartment anyway I wanted – with the slight compromise of the occasional Bruins/Red Sox/Patriots banners that are hanging around my home.

This is what our living room looked like our first night:


It looks so naked. Especially not having any curtains. We are on the first floor, so its important that we hung curtains up right away!

And here’s what it looks like now:

fullWhat I love most about this room, is how open it feels, I am standing the opening that leads to the dinning room, (which I am not showing right now, because it has my messy painting/studio stuff all over it)! And as you can see, a lot of natural light. Bruin likes to creep out the windows while we’re at work so that is another plus.

image 2 photo-1This black ikat patterned chair is my favorite piece in my entire apartment, its so comfortable and it was my Auntie Elaine’s, who obviously had the best taste. Every time I see it, I think of her sitting there with her, ‘hot cup of coffee.’

I’ll give you a little peek at my dining room – this is an old gram so some things are different. But the big table (table with the bowl of antlers), I built with my Dad last memorial day and I love it! It’s perfect for all my art projects. I also made all the curtains and the smaller side table, what can I say, I am a sucker for DIY.


There are still a few things I want to change up – maybe new curtains, different pillows, new rug? That is the fun of a home – they are always evolving! And here are some pictures of my roomie making herself a home.



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