This past Sunday, I went on a magical adventure with some of my friends to SOWA – for those who are not from the Boston area, SOWA is South Boston’s Sunday Funday hotspot. There are art galleries, vintage stores, food trucks, art and crafts – and more! Anywhere you can get a ‘monstah’ cookie sandwich is a place I want to be.


ImageImage My two favorite stops – besides the Food trucks, were inside the little tented market. First stop was to Structure. (check out their website)

“Founded on the seacoast of Maine in 2008, and now based in Boston, Structure is a company working in the city and throughout New England. Committed to designing & producing handmade furniture, homes and utilitarian home goods.”

In their tent they had cute succulent planters, gorgeous benches and awesome wooden light pendants.


And the second favorite tent was this little floral shop – they were almost completely empty by the time we got there – but I managed to wrangle away a little cacti. (The stranger the plants look the more I like em’).


ImageImageAnd when I asked the owner why she was leaving for Alaska, she mentioned she was going to go work on a peonies farm, which I thought was such a cool way to spend the summer! It was a very successful Sunday Funday at SOWA!


One comment

  1. looks like fun!! you can pick up some great succulents on your road trip out to san diego (if you have any room in the car…)

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