Q&A with Designer Bianca Green

If you have walked into an Urban Outfitters store, than you have seen Bianca Green’s epic, ‘Louis Armstrong Told Us So” print. Her work speaks for itself, absolutely amazing!

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 12.55.51 AM

Bianca is an international recognized designer/illustrator/artist extraordinaire! Her work has been featured all over Urban Outfitters, Society6, DENY, and that just names a few. Bianca’s designs appear on anything from prints, fabrics, pillows to shower curtains and mirrors.  I reached out to Bianca hoping she could answer some of my questions about her design aesthetic.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Life. If you look around, there is so much inspiration everywhere. Shapes, colors, sounds, people, books, food.. anything and everything can be inspiring.

(Like the print? Check it out here)

What are your main tools you use for your creations?
My hands and photoshop. I used to draw most of my pieces and outlines on paper, but the cleaning after scanning was so much work, I had to get a drawing tablet.


When did you feel your designs started to get recognition? How did you first approach putting your artwork out there to the world?
I had never thought about selling or publishing my work, so I was extremely overwhelmed by the feedback I was getting on my blog. I started it as a tool of communication via pictures and doodles, because I had just moved to Uruguay – far away from family and friends. But then so many strangers came by and when the first girl asked me where she could buy a print, I was amazed and couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that someone would actually want to purchase my work. This is how everything started, and even though a lot of great opportunities and deals came along, that first girl who bought my “I Can See In The Dark” print, she means the world to me.

How did your designs branch out into home decor? And have you always envisioned your work heading into that direction?
I was always passionate about interior design, so when DENY Designs contacted me and I saw what they did, I was head over heels in love! Seeing my designs on sheets and shower curtains made me so happy. I am always open for new paths and products, so there isn’t really a direction I follow strictly. If something interesting comes my way and I like it, I will try it out. 


When did Urban Outfitters reach out to you about using your designs?
That was right in the beginning. I had just started at Society6 when they launched their licensing partnership with Urban Outfitters. My “Louis Armstrong Told Us So” was one of the first prints they wanted to sell in their stores. I has been a wonderful experience working with them and it’s great because you reach a lot more people all over the world. I live in germany where Urban Outfitters is smaller, has a different concept and doesn’t sell any art. But I recently visited New York and my smile when from one ear to the other when I walked into an Urban Outfitters and saw my “You Make Me Home” print there. 


I remember seeing your work on Society6 and then saw it at Urban outfitters on Newbury street in Boston – I am an artist myself, so it felt like I was seeing someone’s art dreams come true and I was just so happy for you, and I was thinking ‘YAY, this awesome artist made it!!”
Thank you so much!! I feel so blessed that people keep following my work and recognize it when they see it. It makes me happy too and it’s overwhelming to see my work in stores or in someone’s home. That’s why I get super excited to receive these pictures from people showing how my work looks on their walls, on their beds or on their cell phones. It’s surreal!


As an artist/designer would you recommend Society6 and DENY to other artists?
It always depends on what kind of work you do and what your goal is. There are many artists that prefer to produce and sell themselves. And not every style works well on home decor products or technical devices. But I always say, you can try things out, make your own experiences and then still decide if you want to continue like that or not. There are so many ways and endless opportunities.

And lastly, what is your favorite piece you have ever designed?
That is like asking a mother of 5 to pick her favorite kid 🙂 I always explain it like this: I have a different relationship with every piece I create. Some I enjoyed creating more, some have been challenging. Some are more popular, some are my secret darlings. Some have opened many doors for me, some made me happy in a different way. The last piece I created was “Follow Your Own Path”. I had a wonderful time working on this compass piece, as I felt I was getting lost within finding it’s way. For someone who is a dreamer and travels a lot, with many homes all over the world, this piece is somehow my affirmation that I am on my very own and right path.

(Like the print? Find it here).

Thank you to Bianca Green for sharing her story with Munro Shea Designs! And if your interested in reading more about Bianca click here & here!

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