Revenge of the Crafty Hipster

Apparently if you’re into being creative and wear big-ass glasses, you classify as a hipster, which is fine by me! Say what you will. But Hipsters will have the last laugh. (muhaha…)

“Hipsters have been mocked every which way; from their penchant for skinny jeans to their highbrow coffee tastes (and low-brow incomes), from their love of vintage records to their disdain for corporate chains and mass-marketed products. But as this group of kids has grown to adulthood, they have been taking what they love and starting businesses around them — at first to serve other people with tastes like theirs, and then translating those ideas to a larger market. In fact, the hipster entrepreneurs might be the only ones employing Americans to make things 20-30 years from now…”

Click here to read the rest of the article from Mother Nature Network.



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