Moody Man-Caves

How does one find ‘man approved style/art,’ when your boyfriend considers the Patriots banner a priceless masterpiece? You either…

A. Have nothing on your walls

B. Mixed bag of cool prints and sports banners

Or C.When he travels out of town for work, you hang all Boston Sports paraphernalia in the guest bedroom.

I must admit… I am partially guilty of all three! And I am still working on merging our styles together. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but I think the stuff I put on our walls are oh-so-cool, wolf prints, abstract silk screens, metal cow heads and spray-painted antlers, what’s girlie about those things?

NOTHING… in my mind. But apparently, we haven’t quite merged our design aesthetic. If I could design a room for my honey it would look like this man-mood board. (Also visualize Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots imagery nicely framed hanging from the walls…)

Now all I need to complete this room is a large flat screen TV, some beer and of course the moody-men!

(Spoonflower Arrow Wallpaper, Midcentury Desk, Cardboard Steer, Kite Kilim Floor Pouf, John Vogel Chair, Tripod floor lamp, Cow hyde, Double Bed/Couch, Wall Sconce)



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