The SOWA Experience

Now that @robin_munro_h has finally come home to Tara, Massachusetts I brought her ass to SOWA! First we had to pick up some Dunks, because we can’t function without that iced french vanilla kick. We also brought the kids along (our dogs, Hef & Bruin).

photo-9photo-6We started on the Farmer’s Market side, where I picked up some flowers, that I promptly found out, once we walked away, that we were both allergic to, but I really like those flowers that look like muppet market was on the smaller side this weekend because everyone who is sane is definitely down the Cape, or near some other body of water. But still found the cutest booth that was filled with hand made ceramic dishware and plant holders.  Elizabeth Benotti’s booth! She has a studio near Concord New Hampshire and creates everything herself. photo-7photo-1photo-2

Of course I had to bring a little something home – another succulent for my windowsill, its the little guy in the middle.


The last stop on the agenda was the vintage market in between the Farmers and arts&crafts. We didn’t stay too long inside because the kids were melting. All in all it was a great first trip for Robin to SOWA, next time we are going to hit up those food trucks,


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