Tablescaping Under $10

Last night, I once again, took on a roll that I am slowly getting used to: being domestic a goddess. I have to say, wanting to make a cozy home comes a little more naturally to me. But setting up a nice dinner and tablescape feels a little out of my comfort zone. I get flashbacks of my childhood, setting the table with Robin and being yelled at that ‘I wasn’t doing it right’ by Mama Shea, ‘And once I have a home of my own I’ll want to know which side napkins go on!’ Well… I still am not totally sure…

For last night’s dinner, the napkins hung out on the left. They were also a great Christmas Tree Shop find for $2.99 for four of them. (Some day I’ll make it to one of those commercials, fingers crossed). Layering the placemats was going to be the look for our country-chic, blue and green kitchen. The blue felt place settings, were from Homegoods also $2.99 and the jute circular mat was from Christmas Tree Shop as well for $1.49. Total = $7.47, so fab.

I decided to try cooking something that I have never made (all by myself) before! Swordfish – The Steak of the Sea! (Cue the Jessica Simpson mental fart, ‘Chicken of the Sea’ moment). -7

I called my Dad to make sure I knew what I was doing. He suggested broiling the fish – squeezing lemon on it and when the fish looked flaky, it was time to eat!


Easy enough right? I also picked up some fried calamari from Whole Foods and threw in a baked potato.


This weekend I also thought it would be a good idea to do something about the dead space above my kitchen cabinets/refrigerator. Since I am a renter, I don’t want to do anything too crazy – so a quick easy DIY alternative was to buy wrapping paper and then go nuts using painters tape!


Guess where the wrapping paper was from? If you think Christmas Tree Shop – you are WRONG! It was Homegoods, (haha) it it was also $2.99 for the roll, which is all it took!


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