DIY with the Fam

On Friday night, I poured myself a little glass of Magners and was relaxing with my boyfriend. I got up to make us some snacks and when I came back in the room – guess who was drinking my Magners…? My dog… Bruin. She had jumped on the coffee table and was helping herself. It got me thinking that we probably need a taller coffee table. The last tenants were nice enough to leave the one we have now, which was great! But my little drinking buddy finally pushed me over the edge to get a taller table. And then it got me thinking about some supplies I had in my parents basement…


Sunday afternoon I drove home and headed to the basement for my next project… making a new coffee table with my Dad!photo-2

I had these old iron hairpin legs that I bought off Ebay for about $15 a couple years ago, and then three planks of poplar wood that I picked up from Lowes – I just thought the wood had the prettiest marble affect, I bought it with the, ‘this will be great for a future project‘ mentality, sometimes that can be a dangerous/hoarder mentality!

 Whenever I have a wood working project, I like to work on it, on my Dad’s tool bench – I never have to buy anything – he has everything! Scrap wood, washers, screws and all the tools. We (yes, even though I was snapping pictures I was also doing this!) cut up a piece of scrap wood to bind all three poplar pieces together on the under side. Then squeezed a little wood glue down, put the wood in place and screwed them in. As for the legs I found 3/4 thick screws and used washers to help them stay in place. Then voila – a coffee table! The entire process took about 20 minutes, now all I have to do is finish sanding and lay on the polyurethane (to seal the wood).


The kids really like it as you can see from the picture below. It was a productive twist on my lazy Sunday.




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