Hide n’ Seeking

Ever since I posted my little, Man Mood Board, for my boyfriend’s imaginary man cave, I have been day dreaming about a cowhide rug… Especially after seeing all those beautiful pieces at Brimfield.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.57.25 PM

But then a few problems pop up.

1. I have a guilty conscious about having something on the floor – which used to be alive.
2. I think Bruin would love it – she always rolls around when there are feather pillows – but I would be nervous if there were any puppy accidents on it – how does one even clean animal skin?
3. They are kinda expensive!
4. I might be allergic? My sister and I are allergic to everything.

So I have been seeking (in the title, get it?) for a cowhide alternative. Unfortunately a lot of ‘faux Cowhide’ look like this:

BW_Cowhide_hardwood2_2__78475.1366489814.1280.1280Which would be cute for a kid’s room…maybe. But I envision the rug sprawled out on my living room floor… like this little mock up I created in photoshop of my living room. (Still have to put in the new coffee table!)


A nice mocha/cream/black mixed piece would be beautiful! Pretty snazzy right? I was starting to get a little discouraged because I couldn’t find anything that I liked! But then this blog popped up: View Along the Way  which linked to an overstock webpage that – had faux cowhide rugs! VICTORY!

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 8.50.53 PM

And the price isn’t too bad – I don’t mind paying a little extra to not feel guilty! Acrylic all the way baby! Its definitely something I’ll have to wait to purchase. I have a family vacation coming up soon, gotta save those bills for the Christmas Tree Shop in Hyannis! ; )

In my research I found these two blogs in case you were in an DIY mood: Makemoore and Shoestring






    1. I definitely think it would! Especially with that rich chocolate color – that neutral goes with anything. The only thing to be way about is, “Cowhides are all unique! You will receive a hide with very similar colors and patterns as pictured. Few hides might contain some natural flaws due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding and barbwire marking, that will be discreetly repaired.” Thanks for showing me that website! I still haven’t decided yet on mine!

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