Wicked Wicker

Every time I go home to my parents, my boyfriend always says, “Don’t bring home anymore furniture or knick-knacks!” He knows me oh to well… On Sunday night I brought home this little gem, but he didn’t seem to notice it since I strategically placed it among the dinning room furniture.


When I went to Brimfield a couple weeks ago with Mama Shea (read more about that here). We got the best deal… a $5 wicker bucket seat. So cute! Β And on Sunday afternoon, (after our weekend in Chatham) I took it out back and cleaned it off.

wickerchairIt definitely needs some TLC – fresh paint and a cushion. I’ve never made a cushion before so that will be interesting. I was thinking of doing something with a ‘dipped’ paint effect, like these examples I found online:

84109f99833d8d7c815993573d482907 wicker-chair-makeover

I gotta go to Home Depot and pick up some spray paint today and decide on a color scheme – then I can get started on my sweet-ass cushion!



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