DIY…Kinda Fail?

I created a coffee table with my Dad a couple weeks ago (read about that here). But once the table legs were attached, I was thinking, hmmmm these legs look kinda tall.. and guess what? They were.

Exhibit A: The image below – the top of the table was taller than the seat cushion on my couch, making putting feet on the table uncomfortable, and I live in a home where we like to be comfortable. But look how pretty it is…and I added in my new vintage mid century ottoman.


And once my boyfriend got home – those tall legs did not fly. So I had to put it somewhere else in our apartment… and then I spotted the perfect place. In the dining room.


So cute right? Even though I feel like the dining room is a little DIY over kill – My Dad and I have created every table in there, which is three. But I love styling a good table top – so I got to work!

photo-2 photo-3 photo-4



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