Growing Succulents with Needles and Leaves

If you want to know how to grow succulents like a pro – than look no further, blogger Tawni of  Needles + Leaves, has the best tips.

(Her sister is her portrait photographer! Family of talented ladies)

As you may of seen from my Instagrams – I am a bit of succulent hoarder on my windowsill in the kitchen… so when I was having some trouble with a couple of them getting as Tawni says, ‘leggy’ I turned to her blog for help! See Tawni’s example below:leggysucculents
This means that the plants are not getting enough light – as she says in her post here. (Doesn’t Tawni take such beautiful photographs of her plants?)

“If your plants are not getting enough light they may become leggy and stretch toward the light. If your plants are stretching out or bending toward the light, you can move them to a brighter spot or rotate the pot from time to time to keep them growing straight up.”
Here is a little tid bit of Needle + Leaves,  ” 1. Soil. What kind of soil should I plant my succulents in? Succulents love well draining soil.  I’ve been buying a palm/cactus mix from Home Depot for sometime now and it has been great.  In the dryer summer months, I’ve found that my soil drys a little too quickly. If you feel like your soil is just not retaining water long enough, you can mix your cactus soil with a bit of regular potting soil to increase the water retention to your liking. Sometimes, I like to keep my plants in containers without drainage holes, such as tea cups, mason jars and baby food jars.  In this case, I will either layer the bottom of the container with pebbles or add sand to the soil to help with drainage issues.

To find out the rest of her tips – check out her blog here!

(Thanks Needles + Leaves for sharing your beautiful tips & photography with MSD)!


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