DIY Lights, Brimfield Inspired

I have Brimfield on the brain. I keep seeing Instagrams of the fabulous artifacts that are there… 2 more days! AH!  One of my favorite vendors at Brimfield is this southern man, (who is in the middle near the food area… what a coincidence that my favorite vendor is near food…) he usually sets up across from all the cow hides. Anyways – his tent always feels so cozy because he has the best light fixtures… all made from found objects, old chicken feeders, colanders, metal buckets – you name it and if it was on a farm, this southern gentleman has turned it into a light. lamps_1
(This picture was taken from a previous trip to Brimfield)

Which according to Pinterest and Etsy is quite a trend right now. Rustic lighting, such as this little guy, which was very reasonably priced from Ironcladindustrial.

I would love to have something like this in my kitchen to replace the ever-so-glamorous circa 1970’s wood and glass shingled piece… (EEK rentals!). So when I see these beautiful creations at Brimfield I have to walk away, but always with an artist-tude, of that is so cool but… I could totally make one of these, so I creeped on Pinterest and found this great blog post, which explains how to make a rustic DIY light.

Anythingology with a knock off of a Restoration Hardware. Pretty great huh? Click the Anthingology link to see how she got from A —–> B!



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