7,000 hits – Card Goal

I made a little promise to myself that once Munro Shea Designs got 7,000 hits I would celebrate by ordering business cards – because who doesn’t want to walk around with a card in their purse making them feel like a baller?

I’ve been searching online trying to find the best card on a very small budget (we have over 7,000 hits, not dolla bills). So I decided to go with Moo printing – I’ve used their mini cards in the past with my art website and I really like the thicker cardstock that they use and the imagery/design never looks pixelated. And now they’ve introduced their, ‘Luxe Business Card,’ so obviously I had to test the waters with that.

Here is the design I made up for the front of the card, drum roll please:


Keeping it simple with black and white and I wanted a ‘sketchy vibe’ to the chairs, so I traced the outline of some mid century modern chairs on Photoshop – and the rest was history. I definitely will be gramming up a storm once these bad boys arrive!


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