Classic Living Room Under $1,000

My friend Kara has moved into a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l apartment with her boyfriend – visualize high ceilings, hardwood floors, old school Bostonian moldings – its gorgeous! Lucky bastards…

Since moving into their home, they have made the style transition from ‘post college decor’ – to ‘we are grown ups living in this beautiful apartment- go us.’ And I love their style, which is comfortable classic  with a modern twist because we’re only 26, GAWD. Below I made a CLASSIC MOODY Board all under $1,000!


Everything totaling out to be….drum roll please – $953  (and that’s if she got two side UO side tables and three sets of curtains!)

Ikea Bookshelf $135

Ikea Curtains, $15 per pair (Kara would need 3) $45

Overstock Coffee Table ,$177

Christmas Tree Shop Baskets, $6.99 (You can probably even find cheaper!)

Urban Outfitter Dip Dye Pillow, $34 (Let’s be serious 30 bucks is kinda of a lot to spend on pillows, you could probably find cheaper – but I just loved the shapes and simplicity of them).

Urban Outfitter Cute Circle Pillow, $29

Urban Outfitters Accordian Metal Table, $78 (Kara would need two each side of her couch)!

Sexy Safavieh Manchester Antiqued Brown Club Chair, $350

West Elm ‘Favorite Throw’ Bordered, $20

(This Moody board was based on things Kara already has in her home like, couch, neutral area rug, large TV, etc. If I factored needing those items I think the room would be around $2,000)



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