Death to Apartment Plants

Sadly, my little cactus that I got earlier this summer… has slowly started to shrink up – turn brown and bow out gracefully… womp womp… Here it is in all its glory:
Also my fiddle leaf fig plant has lost almost all its leaves. Its hanging near a window – not in direct light like other bloggers have instructed (so high maintenance) and I think it’s still on it’s way out.  Here is my fiddle leaf fig full bloom.


But I refuse to give up on the whole indoor plant thing. Especially after reading this article by Jackie Ashton, ‘10 Reasons to Bring the Outdoors In.’

1. Plants improve air quality.
2. Fresh-cut flowers in the home boost feelings of happiness.
3. Growing what we eat can help connect to the earth.
4. Consider adding a small tree, a rock garden, or a terrarium to your indoor space.
5. Getting back to nature can inspire creativity.
6. A dose of nature can enhance energy and performance.
7. Spending time looking at plants can help you heal faster. 
8. Spending time around greenery can improve concentration and increase attention span. 
9. Being in a natural environment can improve memory performance by as much as 20 percent. 
10. Plants require care, which helps to flex our nurturing muscles, making us more compassionate.

(Maybe I am failing this last one with my two plants?)



  1. I’m afraid you drowned your cactus, they need a pot with a holes in the bottom and pebbles at the bottem, then cactus soil (ordinary pottingsoil plus half sand or grit) Never let is sit with its roots in water !!!

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