Month: January 2014

Crushin’ Hard…

On Jenny Pennywood! I think it has something to do with the fact that everything under the sun has the subtle tones of gray these days- but Jenny kicks it up a notch!

This original piece of artwork, located on Lief (also a fun new obsession, their shop is amazing) is on sale for $120 – not bad to own an original (cannot stress how great of a price that is, advice from a real Gallerina) piece of gloriously bright art. Jenny also has cute tea towels, tags and notebooks for sale in her online shop. (I am really digging that first notebook)
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.48.41 PM
Since I am trapped in cold, dark New England – at least I can day dream about accessorizing my lifestyle to be a little brighter!

Woven Art: For the Body & Home

In the gallery I work at there has been a recent change in media on our walls, woven fabric and textile materials have taken over where photography and abstract painting once dominated.  And it has inspired me to go and explore for more on Etsy, that is when I stumbled upon Heddle And Needle.  I had the chance to ask Rachel, the creator of Heddle and Needle some questions about her weaving work, which ranges from woven tapestries to jewelry.
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.06.47 PM
Look Out Tapestry, is currently for sale in Heddle and Needle Shop

Rachel has a background in illustration and has been a painter for 15 years. Where “those projects have to be very carefully planned out and take ages to finish. I like the weavings to be spontaneous as a break from that mentality, so I tend not to plan them out ahead of time. I’ll just look in my cabinet full of yarns and grab ones I feel like using that day. Sometimes I have a general idea of what I’d like it to look like ahead of time, but it’s rare.
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I haven’t been weaving that long, actually, only since last summer. I started after using some linen thread to make a necklace for my sister (it wasn’t woven) and it got a good amount of attention from strangers so I bought some more thread and sheet brass and started to play around with it.
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.39.32 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.39.25 PM
It dawned on me that they would look great as little weavings, so I created a makeshift “loom” out of a piece of board and a row of nails. I still use it; the nails act as the bottom part of the loom, and the brass pendant as the top part. I thread the warp in between the two, then just trim it up when I’m done.
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.39.02 PM
Shortly after I started with the jewelry, I bought a very small frame loom and some yarn, then a larger frame loom, and then a Schacht Wolf Pup LT floor loom after taking a class at the Brooklyn Textile Arts Center. I’m still very much a beginner and still learning by trial and error.

Tools: It depends on the project, but for the jewelry I use brass stampings/sheet brass, an awl & hammer, a dremel, waxed linen thread and needles. Sometimes I also use horse hair. For the weavings, I use various looms, wooden needles & boat shuttles, plus all kinds of yarn; mostly fingering, sport or DK weight for the warp and pretty much anything I like for the weft.
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I like creating both ,(jewelry and tapestries) obviously, but there’s something so gratifying about a finished weaving, much like a painting that you can hang up on the wall. I decided to open up an Etsy shop when people I knew pestered me enough to do it. I really needed the extra money and decided it couldn’t hurt!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.39.13 PM
Click here to see more of Heddle and Needle – Thank you to Rachel the creator, for taking the time and sharing her story (along with her imagery) with Munro Shea Designs!

New (furry) Beginnings!

So excited to say that my new rug faux cowhide rug has arrived! I was a little worried after reading some of the Overstock comments, that it ‘looked extremely fake,’ but it looks awesome. Check it out!

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Too Much is Not Enough

If I wasn’t living with a Irish-Why-doesn’t-my-Bruin-Banner-count-as-decor-Bostonian-Sports-Lovin’ Man – this is definitely what my apartment would look like!

See how Hollywood Regency, 1970’s Retro, Gaudy Chic. Too Much is Not Enough. Sentimental Decadence, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Orange, Liberace, Mexican Glamour Grandma, Glitter and Sin…

Come together on an apartment tour with Apartment Therapy

Go Faux Yourself

I’m baaaaack! Took a short hiatus to celebrate the birth of me 27 years ago… and in that celebratory mood. I was channeling Donna & Tom and decided to treat yoself, and purchased this bad boy:
Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.21.05 PM

Finally this faux cowhide lover will be mine! What really made me decide to take the plunge was the extra %15 discount Overstock was offering. My Mama taught me to ‘wait for sale’ when it comes to frivolous spending.

It should be arriving in the mail next week! I am envisioning my apartment will magically feel like one of these sexy interiors: