Easy Cheesy | DIY House Shaped Cheeseboard

The absolute best part of a cheeseboard is obviously the delicious cheese that one artfully places along the board. I have hoarded several olive wood slabs in my kitchen, but I thought it might be fun to make one. In browsing through some cheeseboards online, I found some that resembled different shapes, and I decided to make mine look like a simplified house.

Here is my break down…

Step One: Go to Home Depot/Lowe’s and browse their lumber section. I decided on the poplar wood, because it has the most beautiful range in wood grain. I mean c’mon, with the piece I selected there are funky knots and ombre effects.
DIY Cheeseboard

Step Two: My least favorite part of the whole process – measure out the mid point and draw two lines creating the ‘roof’ effect.

Step Three: Go home on Superbowl Sunday and ask Dad if he will supervise you using his table saw (a little intimidating if you’re not used to operating one). But after the first cut, I got the hang of it.

Step Four: Sand the crap out of it. Imagine bragging about your DIY cheeseboard and someone got a splinter – not cool.

Step Five: To make the house have more of a ‘roof’ look. I used my little wood burner to give it a nice shingled effect. This can take a few minutes, but put on Bravo and Vanderpump Rules will get you through.
DIY Cheeseboard

DIY Cheeseboard

Step Six: Use Butcher Block oil to rub onto the board. I used Skydd from Ikea and it looks fab. The oil is important because it protects the wood. (Wood is porous and will soak up water causing the cutting board to crack when it dries).

DIY Cheeseboard

(I have a nice shadow at the bottom of this picture – I will soon post more once I get some kick ass cheese to smear on this bad boy!)

One could get really creative with these, add some hardware, cut wood into funky shape, go wild! It was just nice to make something really easy and that I’ll definitely use.


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