Pretty Little Thieves

I love how Pretty Little Thieves creator, Nancy transforms vintage plates into pieces of art! I had the chance to chat with Nancy about her amazing creations.
Pretty Little Thieves il_570xN.552209915_i5ku

I have been drawing, painting and making things since childhood and never really stopped.

il_570xN.405743233_qam9 il_570xN.551778905_2m3g
I have stacks of plates waiting to be used. I often choose the plate and then decide the illustration. I started painting on vintage plates because I kept seeing so many of them.  Most of the plates come from thirfting, garage sales, flea markets and some have been given to me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.48.35 AM
In true artist fashion, Pretty Little Thieves pieces are spontaneous works, “I just start painting and will see where it goes. ” Check out the rest of Pretty Little Thieves (pictured above) Etsy shop here!



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