HomeMade Modern…DIY Fail

I found the most amazing website – HomeMade Modern, a few months ago and have been dying to try one of their DIY projects (I am sucker for a good modern DIY). And this weekend, I got real adventurous and went to Home Depot (for those of you in New England – you understand that trekking out in this weather basically made me an arctic explorer) and picked up some Quickrete and tried to make these:

While I was intricately cutting the patterns and gluing them together my boyfriend and his friend looked and me said, “But what plant is going to fit inside of there?” So I decided to turn them into candle holders because I obviously do not have enough…
Β The Quickrete came in a $7 bag, directions were simple, you just add water and mix up in. The directions suggested 1/2 cup – but looking back I wish I added more because it was a little dry and lumpy. This image below was after I made my holes with an old screw driver and mid way through the drying process.

At this point I started to have my doubts… I cut the paper molds off the cement after it dried for a couple hours – and it was soooo lumpy! I only took a picture with a few of them because the other ones look like I found some rocks outside with a perfect hole in them : ( I also tried to give it a ‘dip dye’ look and spray paint the top with a silver chrome color – this was a DIY FAIL.

IMG_1498 IMG_1499

In conclusion – I needed to add more water and this DIY project will not defeat me! I will try it again this week when I will probably be snowed in…



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