Month: April 2014

Wall Stencils – Not for the Weak

I have been wanting to paint my dining room since I moved into my apartment two years ago. But it always seemed like ugh…. I don’t have the time or energy to tackle such a project. But with a recent surge of adrenaline and inspiration, it was time to get painting!

With my BF’s blessing I chose to paint the walls, ‘Light French Gray,’ how fancy. I moved all the bric-a-brac all over the apartment and got to it…

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First day was straight up painting french gray. A few days later was the stencil project…I went onto Cutting Edge Stencils and I was really digging this stencil:
Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 12.02.23 PM

But then I watched this tutorial with my favorite girl, Sherry Petersik, and took her suggestion of going with a more ‘organic’ shape. And what is not more organic than a peacock feather?
Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 12.04.05 PM
When it was delivered I was thinking “oooh I’ll do the entire room” but after some discussions with my Mom and my BF’s utter objection (gotta compromise!) to the entire room being covered in peacock feathers, I went with just an accent wall. I used Martha Stewart Stencil adhesive and painters tape to help keep the stencil flat on the wall, in some smaller parts the paint started to dry on the feather tips making it a little chunky looking but nothing too bad. The entire process for one wall took about 5 hours. Because of those smaller feather tips I wasn’t using a roller, I used a sponge tip brush. Here’s the stenciling my process:

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I love the way it turned out! Exactly what that room was missing. Especially since its the wall you see while sitting in the living room, I’m just madly in love with that damn wall now! Overall it was a  fun process – but definitely block off a chunk of time and maybe have some wine. Now I just have to put everything back together…

Target Strikes again…

Target has done it again. It has added more items to its stock that will make me forget I went into the store for conditioner and end up spending $100 on things that I need

I love these little gems from the 2014 collection – check out the rest here.

Happy Anniversary!

Holy moly! Its been a year… And being in this reflective mood, I thought I would show some of my favorite posts…


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Q & A With Artist Elizabeth Graeber

Illustration extraordinaire Elizabeth Graeber answered a few of my questions about her fun, light hearted artwork!


“I have always like to draw and paint, my style may have changed some over the years but is mostly the same. Materials I use are pen, ink, watercolor and gouache.”


Elizabeth first got involved with creating artist magazines because, she “thought it was a fun and different way to show work. I also like collaborating with writers and this is a good way to work together.” Her newest creation (image below) is “A nostalgic zine dedicated to the clothing, accessories, and otherwise inanimate objects that bare witness to and shape certain portions of our lives.” Click here to read more.


What is the most popular item that you sold on Etsy? And what/when made you decide to open up your Etsy shop? “The most popular items I’ve sold are a cocktail book and a book about pie. I decided to open my shop a few years ago because I like making things and thought it would be a good way to sell my work.”


Elizabeth is a woman of many talents and doesn’t just stop with traditional illustrations on paper – she takes her work to the streets! Check out these murals she was commissioned to do:



Mural at BakeHouse DC53f09f3906760956-BakeHousemural9

Murals, custom portraits, book illustrations, there is nothing this woman won’t rock with her illustrations. Check out more of Elizabeth’s work here!