MY Space – Upgrade

And we’re back! Please picture that in the Jimmy Fallon voice as seen here. I hope you all had a great summer! I’ve been busy boppin’ around New England, with some Cape Cod, Newport and Bostonian adventures. 

And in honor of saying goodbye to summer – I wanted to post somethings I also said good bye to – from my former dining/desk area to now sexy lounge room. 

Here is the before from about 5 months ago:
It was a little messy looking, a lot of curtain for one room, and overall just a little ‘Mehh…” and now for the make over reveal…

20 diningtoliving detail_cow_pillow 16 dining

TADA! Painted – stenciled – restyled and ready to drink wine and listen to albums in. Also since I took these photos, I went on a little vintage venture with my friend to this great spot in Davis Square. And added some the vintage art to the wall above my sexy red chair:
I also picked up a couple of brass cranes and a crazy lady planter (Cranes pictured in gram). I hope you all had a beautiful interior designed-hoarding of vintage bric-a-brac summer! And one last thing – Brimfield (bitches) is next week!


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