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Non Ikea Coffee Table!

Well… tada! The coffee table is now done! I think this is one of the first non-Ikea pieces of furniture that I have assembled (besides the tables I made, but those I didn’t have follow instructions)!

Bruin was there from the beginning, smelling and licking all the wood and fake marble (which looks awesome), making sure it was safe for the living room… what great security. Overall the project took a screwdriver, a dog bringing you toys while everything is sprawled on the floor, and Andy Cohen Watch What Happens Live in order for the project to be a success. I am so excited for my boyfriend to come home and ask him, ‘What’s different?” and see if he notices : )

Now & Then – Home Tour

It’s time for a little now and then here on the blog. When we first moved into the apartment it looked like this:
And then it looked like this for awhile…full
And now it looks like this…IMG_1405
And up until last week, the office/dining room/sexy vinyl lounge looked like this…IMG_1407
But then I picked these up at Boomerangs in JP and all hell broke loose…
but don’t worry its Bruin approved – more to come on these lovies

Kitchen DIY

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am renting an apartment with my boyfriend, therefore we do not want to invest any $$ into our palace. But I do have some DIY ideas of kitchen decor updates:

1. Replace 90’s Country kitchen table set (thanks Mom & Dad, but you can have it back now) with smaller Ikea table for two. When I first moved I imagined I would be throwing elaborate dinner parties for 10… and then I realized, ain’t nobody got time for that.  After reading some Ikea hacks I envisioned something like this:

So picture that happening – with industrial chairs. Poppy Talk also did a faux marble table top, click here to see.

2. Taking down my previous ‘transition DIY Project’ (stuck blue and white wrapping paper on the wall with painter’s tape) from earlier this summer and do something cool with Washi Tape…  here is a refresher of what the kitchen looks like now:41
But I would like to do something like these designers did on Pinterest:

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Black and White Home Accessories

To go along with the previous post of Classic Black and White Home Decor – here are some cute and affordable accent pieces to get that chic look:Black_white_home
1. Nate Berkus Black and White Pillow (coming out this month!)
2. Amazing Swiss Cross blanket from Lief
3. Eames inspired White Accent Chair from Overstock
4. Half Moon Basket
5. Waterstone Succulent Sculpture

Tea for Two

New England is still trapped under 5 + inches of snow, so with that in mind… I thought this post would remind us how to stay cozy!


1. Macarons! In honor of valentines day one should pick some of these up – or do it yourself! (See how I did here).
2. Tea Pot from Ebenotti
3. Sweet Neon Tea Towels from Clumsy Colour
4. Tray for Macarons from Ebenotti
5. Tea Cup from Ebenotti

Brightening Up with Samantha French

Today was another snow day! Boston got 10 inches… 10 inches of snow nightmare! I decided to focus on something a little warmer and brighter, artist Samantha French!

Samantha French
As French’s website says, “French’s current body of work explores the idea of escape, the tranquility and nostalgia for the lazy summer days of her childhood. The series is inspired by Samantha’s own reflections and memories of her childhood summers spent in the lakes of Northern Minnesota.”Samantha French


Samantha French

Click here to see the available prints and more about Samantha French.