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May #Brimfield Adventure

Brimfield was awesome – sun’s out guns antiques out! This year my Mom, Sister and broski-in-law took on the Brimfield traditions…

1. Drive to Brimfield and eat McDonalds, (its what the antiques want).
2. Go to parking lot – give the parking guy with the amazing pony tail $5 – treat your Mom to parking because you’re a baller and actually have $5 in your wallet.
3. Start at the white tent that always has those purple glass bottles
4. Grab a lemonade and a huge-ass cookie when you’re feeling cranky towards the center of the fields.
5. Buy the coolest stuff you can find!
6. Then on the way home, drive to small grocery store and buy their amazing cupcakes and eat them like you’ve never seen food before (although this year we missed out on the cupcakes – we will just have to eat more in July)!!

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Want to see more? Check out the #brimfield on instagram – amazing stuff people found! I’ll share more on what I found later!

September Brimfield Adventure: Recap

It has finally arrived, September Brimfield, last year Mama Shea and I ventured out to this flea market for the first time and have come full circle, this fall was the first time that my sister got the chance to come along.  (She was was living the dream in San Diego the other times we went).


We did our usual tradition – which you can read more about here. We arrived on the last day looking for some sweet sales.

IMG_8968As you can see from my grams, I was really into these textiles – they were all over the market, but very, very expensive, circa $650 for a 3×5 rug is not in my budget.

IMG_8967IMG_8971Here is the debut of my Brimfield purchase – the wire table in the top right corner. It was near all of the food stands – so obviously I found it. We haggled $5 off the ticket price, and I dragged it around the rest of the fair bringing it into other vendor tents styling it with their items. I am obsessed – I had the vision of a new coffee table.IMG_8969IMG_8939
I bought one of these glass fishing buoys I think on one of the first treks out to Brimfield, but I love how they look all piled up on each other – if I had a garden I would buy a bunch and put them all around it… (hint hint Mom, you totally should).IMG_8938Here is Mama Shea in her favorite tent, as she calls it, ‘The White Furniture Tent” everything looks beautiful and like it popped out of an antique Pottery Barn. But the real favorite items that we bought were much needed Iced coffees and fried dough… It got me all excited for fall fairs in New England, nothing is more magical than Fall in New England.IMG_8970It was a beautiful day! And I am so happy I could finally share the experience with my sister. And most importantly, here is my table in it’s new adopted home:

IMG_8957But when I brought it home, it wasn’t long enough to be our coffee table, so I decided to put baby the table in the corner which I am totally loving! I need to add some more plants to balance it out.

IMG_8960So cute! But really, all of this would look better with a faux cowhide rug… someday SOON!




September Brimfield!

It’s time to bust out those Ikea bags and fill them with the coolest crap you’ll ever see! BRIMFIELD BABY! As you can see from my counter over yonder ———–> Munro Shea Designs is pretty pumped about Brimfield. For the first time, my sister Robin will be tackling this adventure with us.  She is an excellent haggler, probably even better than Mama Shea, who let’s face it – knows how to do Brimfield – read an earlier post here for seasoned tips. True to our nature we will be going on the last day, eating McDonalds, walking off the McDonalds visiting all the vendors, haggling and then chowing down on Kimberly’s cupcakes. Stay tuned for next week to see how the trip went!

Brimfield Tips from a Seasoned Shopper

My Mom and I are official Brimfield groupies, we have successfully ventured to the Spring, Summer and Fall fairs. We even have the t-shirts to prove it! I’ll let her explain how to work Brimfield…photo-5

“It was hot and hazy and the bargains were sizzling… Now that we are seasoned shoppers, here are some Brimfield tips…

– The best merchandise is presented in the fall.
-Time arrival is key to the haggling/bargaining equations. Arriving mid afternoon on the last day of the three day run – gets you a $5 wicker-chair and they have perfected fresh squeezed lemonades by then.
– Best bag to carry around your loot, Ikea’s 99 cent special
– Seasons in New England obviously mean weather conditions, May is Rainy ,bring an umbrella, July – bring portable fan, September – wear layers!
– Best area for small antiques would be near the first parking lot. Towards the center of the fair, are the bigger architectural pieces and furniture.
– Don’t be afraid to bargain with these seasoned vendors, they are looking for a quick buck on the last day, and they probably don’t want to load more than they have to back in their trucks.

photo-6photo-7 photo photo-2 photo-1
Although we didn’t come home with many purchases, the most important purchase was Kimberly’s cream filled cupcakes, which can be found at Nipamucks grocers (near the Sturbridge exit), although these cupcakes never make it past the Masspike.


R E S I D E – The Chairs are Calling You…


Reside is a mid-century modern furniture boutique I have driven by a million times, but something about the way the sunlight hit that gorgeous Eames chair… I HAD to walk in and oogle it. It’s not everyday that you fall in love at first site. And once I walked in the store, , one piece after the other was crying for my love!



This was one of those ‘looking’ adventures. I have no room in my apartment for any other pieces of furniture, but there is no harm in loooooking, is there?


Artisan Shopping – Office

I love buying Etsy – one of the best vintage online markets out there for sure! I am still trying to find other online vintage resources – let me know if you got any!

This weekend, I cleaned out my ‘guest bedroom,’ that boyfriend has currently uses for work/his personal closet. I would like to convert the space into an office for the both of us, which got me day-dreamin’ about my dream office…



Beech Desk from Hardmandasein: $340

Bent Wood Chair from TradeMarkInteriors: $225

Vintage Mint Green Goose Neck Lamps from Oldlilliput: $30

Faux Fur Throw for Chair (Obvi) from FurAccents: $10

Art Deco Rug from ArborRoad: $160

Brass Office Supply Cylinders from CloudyFloral: $15

Vintage Pig Planter (Which everyone needs!)from Fruitflypie: $34

Totaling my day-dreamin’ office at $814 – not too shabby!

Favorite Spaces – Zuzu Cafe

Favorite Spaces - Zuzu Cafe

I had the pleasure of getting some Bloody Mary’s with my friends at Zuzu Cafe in Central Square this weekend.

Walking in, the space is cozy and eclectic. A mix of mid century modern and hollywood regency furniture. With artwork hung salon style on the walls, it immediately felt like home. My favorite type of mix, especially while drinking Bloody Mary’s!