May Brimfield Loot

Check it out guys! My brimfield loot have made a new home..


I picked up: Vintage dog art and some more sexy grandma goodies… for my lounge area – plus a butterfly chair frame! Now I just need to find a leather seat cover for it.

But my favorite thing, is this print from an old ad proof:
I ended up getting two, one with this orange and mint drink and these kickass bananas.

Bruin approves of everything:



May #Brimfield Adventure

Brimfield was awesome – sun’s out guns antiques out! This year my Mom, Sister and broski-in-law took on the Brimfield traditions…

1. Drive to Brimfield and eat McDonalds, (its what the antiques want).
2. Go to parking lot – give the parking guy with the amazing pony tail $5 – treat your Mom to parking because you’re a baller and actually have $5 in your wallet.
3. Start at the white tent that always has those purple glass bottles
4. Grab a lemonade and a huge-ass cookie when you’re feeling cranky towards the center of the fields.
5. Buy the coolest stuff you can find!
6. Then on the way home, drive to small grocery store and buy their amazing cupcakes and eat them like you’ve never seen food before (although this year we missed out on the cupcakes – we will just have to eat more in July)!!

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Want to see more? Check out the #brimfield on instagram – amazing stuff people found! I’ll share more on what I found later!

I Need Those Pineapples

Do you ever have those moments? Those moments of seeing something just because they have it you want it… It all started last week – while enjoying one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love… They occasionally post about house crashing, and they crashed the cutest town house across the pond. Here are some snap shots of this gorgeous house (love the blue in the dining room) and then

be still my heart – I saw those brass pineapple wall sconces… and I NEEDED THEM TOO


Yes, needing brass pineapple wall sconces is a bit intense, but I also needed them on a nostalgic level. Living in New England, so many houses have pineapple decor (especially brass pineapple door knockers) and I asked Mama Shea one day way back when, “Why does everyone weirdly have pineapple decorations in their houses?” And she told me that back in the day, sea captains would come back from sailing the Caribbean and put fruit from their travels over their doors or on their fences to let friends, neighbors and family know that the captain had returned safely. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, and now you see why, with the nostalgic anecdote and love of 1970’s-hollywood-regency-home-accents – why I needed them! I searched online and found the best deal on Ebay:

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.27.54 PMThese little beauties were $10 and were one of the cheapest options, Etsy was a ranging from $20-30! I think I made a good choice – here they are in my house! I’ve got a sexy-ole-lady thing going on my office!

photo-5 copy photo-5

Brimfield Tips from a Seasoned Shopper

My Mom and I are official Brimfield groupies, we have successfully ventured to the Spring, Summer and Fall fairs. We even have the t-shirts to prove it! I’ll let her explain how to work Brimfield…photo-5

“It was hot and hazy and the bargains were sizzling… Now that we are seasoned shoppers, here are some Brimfield tips…

– The best merchandise is presented in the fall.
-Time arrival is key to the haggling/bargaining equations. Arriving mid afternoon on the last day of the three day run – gets you a $5 wicker-chair and they have perfected fresh squeezed lemonades by then.
– Best bag to carry around your loot, Ikea’s 99 cent special
– Seasons in New England obviously mean weather conditions, May is Rainy ,bring an umbrella, July – bring portable fan, September – wear layers!
– Best area for small antiques would be near the first parking lot. Towards the center of the fair, are the bigger architectural pieces and furniture.
– Don’t be afraid to bargain with these seasoned vendors, they are looking for a quick buck on the last day, and they probably don’t want to load more than they have to back in their trucks.

photo-6photo-7 photo photo-2 photo-1
Although we didn’t come home with many purchases, the most important purchase was Kimberly’s cream filled cupcakes, which can be found at Nipamucks grocers (near the Sturbridge exit), although these cupcakes never make it past the Masspike.