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Pineapples are the New Bird

Put a bird pineapple on it – I’m calling it guys – pineapples are now trending. As I mentioned beforeΒ – I caught the ‘Pineapples-are-so-cute-Everything-I-buy-should-be-pinapple-related’ disease in this post. Check out these pineapple pins decor that is confirming the trend.

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I really love those Brass Pineapples – but looking at them on Etsy, they are a little pricy, ranging from $90 – 189! But I found this cute trivet for $13

And this …
FREE DIY pineapple wrapping paper from Whismeybox (you could frame it, or print it on larger paper and use it as shelf lining, things could get wild). Click here for PDF. Also little Pineapple updated in my own home – here is where my brass beauties are rocking now.

Pretty Little Thieves

I love how Pretty Little Thieves creator, Nancy transforms vintage plates into pieces of art! I had the chance to chat with Nancy about her amazing creations.
Pretty Little Thieves il_570xN.552209915_i5ku

I have been drawing, painting and making things since childhood and never really stopped.

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I have stacks of plates waiting to be used. I often choose the plate and then decide the illustration. I started painting on vintage plates because I kept seeing so many of them.Β  Most of the plates come from thirfting, garage sales, flea markets and some have been given to me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.48.35 AM
In true artist fashion, Pretty Little Thieves pieces are spontaneous works, “I just start painting and will see where it goes. ” Check out the rest of Pretty Little Thieves (pictured above) Etsy shop here!