Flea market

May Brimfield Loot

Check it out guys! My brimfield loot have made a new home..


I picked up: Vintage dog art and some more sexy grandma goodies… for my lounge area – plus a butterfly chair frame! Now I just need to find a leather seat cover for it.

But my favorite thing, is this print from an old ad proof:
I ended up getting two, one with this orange and mint drink and these kickass bananas.

Bruin approves of everything:



May #Brimfield Adventure

Brimfield was awesome – sun’s out guns antiques out! This year my Mom, Sister and broski-in-law took on the Brimfield traditions…

1. Drive to Brimfield and eat McDonalds, (its what the antiques want).
2. Go to parking lot – give the parking guy with the amazing pony tail $5 – treat your Mom to parking because you’re a baller and actually have $5 in your wallet.
3. Start at the white tent that always has those purple glass bottles
4. Grab a lemonade and a huge-ass cookie when you’re feeling cranky towards the center of the fields.
5. Buy the coolest stuff you can find!
6. Then on the way home, drive to small grocery store and buy their amazing cupcakes and eat them like you’ve never seen food before (although this year we missed out on the cupcakes – we will just have to eat more in July)!!

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Want to see more? Check out the #brimfield on instagram – amazing stuff people found! I’ll share more on what I found later!

September Brimfield Adventure: Recap

It has finally arrived, September Brimfield, last year Mama Shea and I ventured out to this flea market for the first time and have come full circle, this fall was the first time that my sister got the chance to come along.  (She was was living the dream in San Diego the other times we went).


We did our usual tradition – which you can read more about here. We arrived on the last day looking for some sweet sales.

IMG_8968As you can see from my grams, I was really into these textiles – they were all over the market, but very, very expensive, circa $650 for a 3×5 rug is not in my budget.

IMG_8967IMG_8971Here is the debut of my Brimfield purchase – the wire table in the top right corner. It was near all of the food stands – so obviously I found it. We haggled $5 off the ticket price, and I dragged it around the rest of the fair bringing it into other vendor tents styling it with their items. I am obsessed – I had the vision of a new coffee table.IMG_8969IMG_8939
I bought one of these glass fishing buoys I think on one of the first treks out to Brimfield, but I love how they look all piled up on each other – if I had a garden I would buy a bunch and put them all around it… (hint hint Mom, you totally should).IMG_8938Here is Mama Shea in her favorite tent, as she calls it, ‘The White Furniture Tent” everything looks beautiful and like it popped out of an antique Pottery Barn. But the real favorite items that we bought were much needed Iced coffees and fried dough… It got me all excited for fall fairs in New England, nothing is more magical than Fall in New England.IMG_8970It was a beautiful day! And I am so happy I could finally share the experience with my sister. And most importantly, here is my table in it’s new adopted home:

IMG_8957But when I brought it home, it wasn’t long enough to be our coffee table, so I decided to put baby the table in the corner which I am totally loving! I need to add some more plants to balance it out.

IMG_8960So cute! But really, all of this would look better with a faux cowhide rug… someday SOON!




September Brimfield!

It’s time to bust out those Ikea bags and fill them with the coolest crap you’ll ever see! BRIMFIELD BABY! As you can see from my counter over yonder ———–> Munro Shea Designs is pretty pumped about Brimfield. For the first time, my sister Robin will be tackling this adventure with us.  She is an excellent haggler, probably even better than Mama Shea, who let’s face it – knows how to do Brimfield – read an earlier post here for seasoned tips. True to our nature we will be going on the last day, eating McDonalds, walking off the McDonalds visiting all the vendors, haggling and then chowing down on Kimberly’s cupcakes. Stay tuned for next week to see how the trip went!


This past Sunday, I went on a magical adventure with some of my friends to SOWA – for those who are not from the Boston area, SOWA is South Boston’s Sunday Funday hotspot. There are art galleries, vintage stores, food trucks, art and crafts – and more! Anywhere you can get a ‘monstah’ cookie sandwich is a place I want to be.


ImageImage My two favorite stops – besides the Food trucks, were inside the little tented market. First stop was to Structure. (check out their website)

“Founded on the seacoast of Maine in 2008, and now based in Boston, Structure is a company working in the city and throughout New England. Committed to designing & producing handmade furniture, homes and utilitarian home goods.”

In their tent they had cute succulent planters, gorgeous benches and awesome wooden light pendants.


And the second favorite tent was this little floral shop – they were almost completely empty by the time we got there – but I managed to wrangle away a little cacti. (The stranger the plants look the more I like em’).


ImageImageAnd when I asked the owner why she was leaving for Alaska, she mentioned she was going to go work on a peonies farm, which I thought was such a cool way to spend the summer! It was a very successful Sunday Funday at SOWA!

Brimfield… Part I

Brimfield (if you don’t know) is a magical flea market that happens in Western-eqsue Massachusetts. It lasts for about 4 days and it’s like the Woodstock of cool antiques and bric-a-brac.

My Mom (original Munro Shea) and I continued our tradition of listening to Michael Buble and stopping at McDonald’s before hitting up da’ field.

Once we parked our car, we grabbed our reusable plastic shopping bags – and there was no turning back! secondThere’s a little bit of everything … and then some at Brimfield! threeWhen you go – be prepared to do some hunting – through dirty ole’ bins, tents and tables. Here are some of the highlights – Below are all my favorite chairs that I saw – please note the mustard yellow-antler-and-horn chair, could there be anything more antler chic ; )

chairsBut I am seriously diggin’ those cowhide metal stools! In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I Die.” Next we move onto the light-highlights… pun intended. The vendor who created all the ‘upcycled’ ceiling lamps comes all the way from Texas!lamps

This colander hanging light was my favorite – it was also on sale for $45 ‘last day sale.’ Which is also another good reason for traveling to Brimfield on the last day.lamps_1Stay tuned for Brimfield Part II so I can show off all the loot I scored!