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Happy Anniversary!

Holy moly! Its been a year… And being in this reflective mood, I thought I would show some of my favorite posts…


1. Brimfield Bitches
2. Black and White Home
3. We’re Digging Two of Two Goods
4. The Coastal
5. Musician Living About the Clouds
6. Kelly DeWitt


September Brimfield Adventure: Recap

It has finally arrived, September Brimfield, last year Mama Shea and I ventured out to this flea market for the first time and have come full circle, this fall was the first time that my sister got the chance to come along.  (She was was living the dream in San Diego the other times we went).


We did our usual tradition – which you can read more about here. We arrived on the last day looking for some sweet sales.

IMG_8968As you can see from my grams, I was really into these textiles – they were all over the market, but very, very expensive, circa $650 for a 3×5 rug is not in my budget.

IMG_8967IMG_8971Here is the debut of my Brimfield purchase – the wire table in the top right corner. It was near all of the food stands – so obviously I found it. We haggled $5 off the ticket price, and I dragged it around the rest of the fair bringing it into other vendor tents styling it with their items. I am obsessed – I had the vision of a new coffee table.IMG_8969IMG_8939
I bought one of these glass fishing buoys I think on one of the first treks out to Brimfield, but I love how they look all piled up on each other – if I had a garden I would buy a bunch and put them all around it… (hint hint Mom, you totally should).IMG_8938Here is Mama Shea in her favorite tent, as she calls it, ‘The White Furniture Tent” everything looks beautiful and like it popped out of an antique Pottery Barn. But the real favorite items that we bought were much needed Iced coffees and fried dough… It got me all excited for fall fairs in New England, nothing is more magical than Fall in New England.IMG_8970It was a beautiful day! And I am so happy I could finally share the experience with my sister. And most importantly, here is my table in it’s new adopted home:

IMG_8957But when I brought it home, it wasn’t long enough to be our coffee table, so I decided to put baby the table in the corner which I am totally loving! I need to add some more plants to balance it out.

IMG_8960So cute! But really, all of this would look better with a faux cowhide rug… someday SOON!




DIY Lights, Brimfield Inspired

I have Brimfield on the brain. I keep seeing Instagrams of the fabulous artifacts that are there… 2 more days! AH!  One of my favorite vendors at Brimfield is this southern man, (who is in the middle near the food area… what a coincidence that my favorite vendor is near food…) he usually sets up across from all the cow hides. Anyways – his tent always feels so cozy because he has the best light fixtures… all made from found objects, old chicken feeders, colanders, metal buckets – you name it and if it was on a farm, this southern gentleman has turned it into a light. lamps_1
(This picture was taken from a previous trip to Brimfield)

Which according to Pinterest and Etsy is quite a trend right now. Rustic lighting, such as this little guy, which was very reasonably priced from Ironcladindustrial.

I would love to have something like this in my kitchen to replace the ever-so-glamorous circa 1970’s wood and glass shingled piece… (EEK rentals!). So when I see these beautiful creations at Brimfield I have to walk away, but always with an artist-tude, of that is so cool but… I could totally make one of these, so I creeped on Pinterest and found this great blog post, which explains how to make a rustic DIY light.

Anythingology with a knock off of a Restoration Hardware. Pretty great huh? Click the Anthingology link to see how she got from A —–> B!


Oop’s I did it Again…. (DIY Tip)

Or I am about to! Remember when I made that WAY to tall coffee table? Well I am going to try again.


Instead of trying to bid on legs from Ebay (they’re all going for around $40-60 bucks). And that doesn’t include shipping. For some reason while I’m bidding on ebay – the shipping costs magically don’t seem to matter while trying to win the ‘fill-in-the-blank-probably-mid-century-modern-related’ item. I also end up with something that’s not exactly the right size or they are wobbly so – buying REAL vintage for table legs is not the route I’m going for.

I researched for an alternative. And I found this great website Modern Legs, and there are so many more options of a ‘modern leg’ on this site. There are tapered, (my new favorite), hair pin, bench supports and custom flatbar legs. It’s awesome! Aren’t these a beauty?


Here is the iron tapered leg, I am so into. Visualize a poplar wood coffee table with these legs, resting on my new (yet-to-be-purchased) faux cow hide rug….  with a small black dog trying to creep on my table, but she can’t reach it…. all my stars would be aligned.

For more information about Modern Legs check out their blog here!


DIY with the Fam

On Friday night, I poured myself a little glass of Magners and was relaxing with my boyfriend. I got up to make us some snacks and when I came back in the room – guess who was drinking my Magners…? My dog… Bruin. She had jumped on the coffee table and was helping herself. It got me thinking that we probably need a taller coffee table. The last tenants were nice enough to leave the one we have now, which was great! But my little drinking buddy finally pushed me over the edge to get a taller table. And then it got me thinking about some supplies I had in my parents basement…


Sunday afternoon I drove home and headed to the basement for my next project… making a new coffee table with my Dad!photo-2

I had these old iron hairpin legs that I bought off Ebay for about $15 a couple years ago, and then three planks of poplar wood that I picked up from Lowes – I just thought the wood had the prettiest marble affect, I bought it with the, ‘this will be great for a future project‘ mentality, sometimes that can be a dangerous/hoarder mentality!

 Whenever I have a wood working project, I like to work on it, on my Dad’s tool bench – I never have to buy anything – he has everything! Scrap wood, washers, screws and all the tools. We (yes, even though I was snapping pictures I was also doing this!) cut up a piece of scrap wood to bind all three poplar pieces together on the under side. Then squeezed a little wood glue down, put the wood in place and screwed them in. As for the legs I found 3/4 thick screws and used washers to help them stay in place. Then voila – a coffee table! The entire process took about 20 minutes, now all I have to do is finish sanding and lay on the polyurethane (to seal the wood).


The kids really like it as you can see from the picture below. It was a productive twist on my lazy Sunday.



Homestead Seattle

Instagram has become the best way to creep on designers, shop owners, and just overall artsy people around the world. This week – on my Instagram creepin’ adventure, I found Homestead Seattle… and I have fallen truly madly deeply in love with everything in their shop! I mean come on – look at this first gram I discovered –


Enough said, right? You can see they would have hooked me in with their mid century Kopenhaven modular shelves! Owners and j’adorable couple, Michele and Ryan Tansey are running the show!


Their Story, “At Homestead Seattle we believe having a beautiful home that you love makes for a happier life. For us this doesn’t mean spending a fortune to get the same stuff that everyone else has. We try to keep our prices well below those of our inspiration stores: Ralph Lauren Home, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie and Design Within Reach. Unlike those stores we sell one of a kind pieces with character and a story to tell.”  Michele acts as buyer and stylist, whereas Ryan is the product photographer as well as furniture restoration specialist.

Take a gander at their shop: (Below is the sold section, just to give you a taste). I love that Michele and Ryan give the story of each piece in their shop, sometimes when buying antiques you never get the chance to hear the history and design changes of restoration workers. Read more about how they discover and transform in their blog!

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.26.22 PM

This bench – the Pearsall Pendleton Bench 06, is my favorite piece in their shop! Love those pops of color.


“We had a dark wood Adrian Pearsall-style coffee table upholstered in a vintage Pendleton brand Native American wool camp blanket. The Pendleton blanket is called Eagle Seelatsee or Chief Yakima, it was part of their Beaver State line. This handsome piece is perfect for extra seating or as a coffee table. It’s in excellent condition overall with natural distressing on the wood and like-new upholstery. Please see pictures for detailed condition of this piece.”

You can also find their own home on Apartment Therapy’s House tours – Michele & Ryan. And thank you to Michele and Ryan for having such fabulous taste and sharing it!