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DIY’s that are Actually Cool

DIY – the idea always seems awesome and then I stock pile a million pins on Pinterest, but then never make time to create my glorious pins.  And it always seems DIY pins are holiday oriented. WELL GUESS WHAT? Here are some DIY pins that have nothing to do with anything except that they are actually cool (and home design-ish) and I am determined to MAKE one of these… which one should I do?

Rustic Clothing Rack


Modern Copper Mobile

Memo Hoops

Painted Piñata – I feel like tequila should also be added to its directions.

Dip Dye Placemats

Marble Cheese Boardt – I mean cheese board
What do you think? I am leaning towards the piñata… and placemats andddd maybe that cheese boardt…

Want to see more DIY pins that are actually cool? Check our Munro Shea Designs on Pinterest!

I Need Those Pineapples

Do you ever have those moments? Those moments of seeing something just because they have it you want it… It all started last week – while enjoying one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love… They occasionally post about house crashing, and they crashed the cutest town house across the pond. Here are some snap shots of this gorgeous house (love the blue in the dining room) and then

be still my heart – I saw those brass pineapple wall sconces… and I NEEDED THEM TOO


Yes, needing brass pineapple wall sconces is a bit intense, but I also needed them on a nostalgic level. Living in New England, so many houses have pineapple decor (especially brass pineapple door knockers) and I asked Mama Shea one day way back when, “Why does everyone weirdly have pineapple decorations in their houses?” And she told me that back in the day, sea captains would come back from sailing the Caribbean and put fruit from their travels over their doors or on their fences to let friends, neighbors and family know that the captain had returned safely. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, and now you see why, with the nostalgic anecdote and love of 1970’s-hollywood-regency-home-accents – why I needed them! I searched online and found the best deal on Ebay:

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.27.54 PMThese little beauties were $10 and were one of the cheapest options, Etsy was a ranging from $20-30! I think I made a good choice – here they are in my house! I’ve got a sexy-ole-lady thing going on my office!

photo-5 copy photo-5

Now & Then – Home Tour

It’s time for a little now and then here on the blog. When we first moved into the apartment it looked like this:
And then it looked like this for awhile…full
And now it looks like this…IMG_1405
And up until last week, the office/dining room/sexy vinyl lounge looked like this…IMG_1407
But then I picked these up at Boomerangs in JP and all hell broke loose…
but don’t worry its Bruin approved – more to come on these lovies

HomeMade Modern…DIY Fail

I found the most amazing website – HomeMade Modern, a few months ago and have been dying to try one of their DIY projects (I am sucker for a good modern DIY). And this weekend, I got real adventurous and went to Home Depot (for those of you in New England – you understand that trekking out in this weather basically made me an arctic explorer) and picked up some Quickrete and tried to make these:

While I was intricately cutting the patterns and gluing them together my boyfriend and his friend looked and me said, “But what plant is going to fit inside of there?” So I decided to turn them into candle holders because I obviously do not have enough…
 The Quickrete came in a $7 bag, directions were simple, you just add water and mix up in. The directions suggested 1/2 cup – but looking back I wish I added more because it was a little dry and lumpy. This image below was after I made my holes with an old screw driver and mid way through the drying process.

At this point I started to have my doubts… I cut the paper molds off the cement after it dried for a couple hours – and it was soooo lumpy! I only took a picture with a few of them because the other ones look like I found some rocks outside with a perfect hole in them : ( I also tried to give it a ‘dip dye’ look and spray paint the top with a silver chrome color – this was a DIY FAIL.

IMG_1498 IMG_1499

In conclusion – I needed to add more water and this DIY project will not defeat me! I will try it again this week when I will probably be snowed in…

Pretty Little Thieves

I love how Pretty Little Thieves creator, Nancy transforms vintage plates into pieces of art! I had the chance to chat with Nancy about her amazing creations.
Pretty Little Thieves il_570xN.552209915_i5ku

I have been drawing, painting and making things since childhood and never really stopped.

il_570xN.405743233_qam9 il_570xN.551778905_2m3g
I have stacks of plates waiting to be used. I often choose the plate and then decide the illustration. I started painting on vintage plates because I kept seeing so many of them.  Most of the plates come from thirfting, garage sales, flea markets and some have been given to me.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.48.35 AM
In true artist fashion, Pretty Little Thieves pieces are spontaneous works, “I just start painting and will see where it goes. ” Check out the rest of Pretty Little Thieves (pictured above) Etsy shop here!

Easy Cheesy | DIY House Shaped Cheeseboard

The absolute best part of a cheeseboard is obviously the delicious cheese that one artfully places along the board. I have hoarded several olive wood slabs in my kitchen, but I thought it might be fun to make one. In browsing through some cheeseboards online, I found some that resembled different shapes, and I decided to make mine look like a simplified house.

Here is my break down…

Step One: Go to Home Depot/Lowe’s and browse their lumber section. I decided on the poplar wood, because it has the most beautiful range in wood grain. I mean c’mon, with the piece I selected there are funky knots and ombre effects.
DIY Cheeseboard

Step Two: My least favorite part of the whole process – measure out the mid point and draw two lines creating the ‘roof’ effect.

Step Three: Go home on Superbowl Sunday and ask Dad if he will supervise you using his table saw (a little intimidating if you’re not used to operating one). But after the first cut, I got the hang of it.

Step Four: Sand the crap out of it. Imagine bragging about your DIY cheeseboard and someone got a splinter – not cool.

Step Five: To make the house have more of a ‘roof’ look. I used my little wood burner to give it a nice shingled effect. This can take a few minutes, but put on Bravo and Vanderpump Rules will get you through.
DIY Cheeseboard

DIY Cheeseboard

Step Six: Use Butcher Block oil to rub onto the board. I used Skydd from Ikea and it looks fab. The oil is important because it protects the wood. (Wood is porous and will soak up water causing the cutting board to crack when it dries).

DIY Cheeseboard

(I have a nice shadow at the bottom of this picture – I will soon post more once I get some kick ass cheese to smear on this bad boy!)

One could get really creative with these, add some hardware, cut wood into funky shape, go wild! It was just nice to make something really easy and that I’ll definitely use.

Trendsetting: Designer Cords

Home design is all in the details – and adding a pop of color or texture to your cords is…

h a p p e n i n g

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Best place you can get the cord hook up? The Color Cord Company. Especially if you’re in a DIY kind of mood – this one is $25

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.18.48 PM

Or if you’re in a sexy mood – here is a gold Black&white piece for $40!
Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.34.07 PM