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MIA – Grad School Take Over

Hello all! My apologies for being MIA – I have started grad school this fall… and reading has taken over my life. I’ll be taking a break from posting! But I thought I would share this great link my friend sent me about Anthropologie… (Anthro, I love you and your magical smelling candles that I can’t afford and your artful staging – but this is very funny).


“Here’s this gross fantasy they’ve created of an art student who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a paint-splattered flea market find. It’s like all their customers are aspiring to be Charlotte in Tiny Furniture (a loft-dwelling trust fund dilettante).”

Soooo true, I know I would love to live in magical loft with velvet furniture covered with mixed upholestery and tiny dogs…

To read more of “Let’s Make fun of: Anthropologie Furniture” – click here.

Pineapples are the New Bird

Put a bird pineapple on it – I’m calling it guys – pineapples are now trending. As I mentioned before – I caught the ‘Pineapples-are-so-cute-Everything-I-buy-should-be-pinapple-related’ disease in this post. Check out these pineapple pins decor that is confirming the trend.

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I really love those Brass Pineapples – but looking at them on Etsy, they are a little pricy, ranging from $90 – 189! But I found this cute trivet for $13

And this …
FREE DIY pineapple wrapping paper from Whismeybox (you could frame it, or print it on larger paper and use it as shelf lining, things could get wild). Click here for PDF. Also little Pineapple updated in my own home – here is where my brass beauties are rocking now.

Target Strikes again…

Target has done it again. It has added more items to its stock that will make me forget I went into the store for conditioner and end up spending $100 on things that I need

I love these little gems from the 2014 collection – check out the rest here.

Now & Then – Home Tour

It’s time for a little now and then here on the blog. When we first moved into the apartment it looked like this:
And then it looked like this for awhile…full
And now it looks like this…IMG_1405
And up until last week, the office/dining room/sexy vinyl lounge looked like this…IMG_1407
But then I picked these up at Boomerangs in JP and all hell broke loose…
but don’t worry its Bruin approved – more to come on these lovies

Tea for Two

New England is still trapped under 5 + inches of snow, so with that in mind… I thought this post would remind us how to stay cozy!


1. Macarons! In honor of valentines day one should pick some of these up – or do it yourself! (See how I did here).
2. Tea Pot from Ebenotti
3. Sweet Neon Tea Towels from Clumsy Colour
4. Tray for Macarons from Ebenotti
5. Tea Cup from Ebenotti

Falling Leaves, Apple Crisp & Colder Weather Can Only Mean One Thing…

Time for some seasonal (Maybe Halloween geared) cravings Etsy style!

1. From the Colette Bean Shop – Knitted Animal Tails

2. Figure 19 –  Original Silk Screen Soft Canvas Pillow (really cool stuff in that shop!)

3.  Andie Speciality Sweets – Edible Bird Feathers!

4.  The Ramblin Worker Shop – Glow in the Dark Full Moon Print

And last but not least – my favorite item – the Ceramic Skull Planter from Mudpuppy