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May #Brimfield Adventure

Brimfield was awesome – sun’s out guns antiques out! This year my Mom, Sister and broski-in-law took on the Brimfield traditions…

1. Drive to Brimfield and eat McDonalds, (its what the antiques want).
2. Go to parking lot – give the parking guy with the amazing pony tail $5 – treat your Mom to parking because you’re a baller and actually have $5 in your wallet.
3. Start at the white tent that always has those purple glass bottles
4. Grab a lemonade and a huge-ass cookie when you’re feeling cranky towards the center of the fields.
5. Buy the coolest stuff you can find!
6. Then on the way home, drive to small grocery store and buy their amazing cupcakes and eat them like you’ve never seen food before (although this year we missed out on the cupcakes – we will just have to eat more in July)!!

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Want to see more? Check out the #brimfield on instagram – amazing stuff people found! I’ll share more on what I found later!

Non Ikea Coffee Table!

Well… tada! The coffee table is now done! I think this is one of the first non-Ikea pieces of furniture that I have assembled (besides the tables I made, but those I didn’t have follow instructions)!

Bruin was there from the beginning, smelling and licking all the wood and fake marble (which looks awesome), making sure it was safe for the living room… what great security. Overall the project took a screwdriver, a dog bringing you toys while everything is sprawled on the floor, and Andy Cohen Watch What Happens Live in order for the project to be a success. I am so excited for my boyfriend to come home and ask him, ‘What’s different?” and see if he notices : )

Oop’s I did it Again…. (DIY Tip)

Or I am about to! Remember when I made that WAY to tall coffee table? Well I am going to try again.


Instead of trying to bid on legs from Ebay (they’re all going for around $40-60 bucks). And that doesn’t include shipping. For some reason while I’m bidding on ebay – the shipping costs magically don’t seem to matter while trying to win the ‘fill-in-the-blank-probably-mid-century-modern-related’ item. I also end up with something that’s not exactly the right size or they are wobbly so – buying REAL vintage for table legs is not the route I’m going for.

I researched for an alternative. And I found this great website Modern Legs,Β and there are so many more options of a ‘modern leg’ on this site. There are tapered, (my new favorite), hair pin, bench supports and custom flatbar legs. It’s awesome! Aren’t these a beauty?


Here is the iron tapered leg, I am so into. Visualize a poplar wood coffee table with these legs, resting on my new (yet-to-be-purchased) faux cow hide rug…. Β with a small black dog trying to creep on my table, but she can’t reach it…. all my stars would be aligned.

For more information about Modern Legs check out their blog here!


R E S I D E – The Chairs are Calling You…


Reside is a mid-century modern furniture boutique I have driven by a million times, but something about the way the sunlight hit that gorgeous Eames chair… I HAD to walk in and oogle it. It’s not everyday that you fall in love at first site. And once I walked in the store, , one piece after the other was crying for my love!



This was one of those ‘looking’ adventures. I have no room in my apartment for any other pieces of furniture, but there is no harm in loooooking, is there?


Favorite Spaces – Zuzu Cafe

Favorite Spaces - Zuzu Cafe

I had the pleasure of getting some Bloody Mary’s with my friends at Zuzu Cafe in Central Square this weekend.

Walking in, the space is cozy and eclectic. A mix of mid century modern and hollywood regency furniture. With artwork hung salon style on the walls, it immediately felt like home. My favorite type of mix, especially while drinking Bloody Mary’s!