Target Strikes again…

Target has done it again. It has added more items to its stock that will make me forget I went into the store for conditioner and end up spending $100 on things that I need

I love these little gems from the 2014 collection – check out the rest here.

Creative Spaces

Ariele Alasko is a brooklyn based furniture designer, and everything she touches – becomes beautiful – she will take old pieces of lathe – like this:

e4f948721fb311e28a5c22000a1f8acf_7 And turn it into things like this: Gorgeous table tops and headboards.

400778_683826828565_487353490_n IMG_1217I found Ariele’s blog last summer and I haven’t stopped reading it since! When I first started reading she went on an epic cross country road trip collecting pieces of wood and furniture to furnish and design a restaurant on the west coast, check it out here. But my favorite space she has created is her studio! See more detailed blog posts of how she built her studio here.

woodshop ariele_alasko_studio_01 ariele_brooklyn_studio brooklyn_to_west_studio_02 reclaimed_lath_queen_headboard_01 brooklyn_studio_new_york woodshop_view ariele_alasko_wall_panels IMG_1078 IMG_1205